2016 Annual Conference Silver Exhibitors

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Apelles opened its doors in 2003 with the vision to build a values based culture of success that achieves best in class performance for our clients. These values, which are outlined below, make Apelles the BEST choice in the Higher Education market because our focus on treating students with respect is the BEST way to preserve your school's reputation and brand.

  • Trust and Integrity is the foundation that guides our actions while striving for distinction in the business community.
  • Quality is achieved through standards of excellence which produces best -in-class results.
  • Risk Management separates us from the competition with our relentless dedication to compliance that protects our client's reputation and brand.
  • Accountability for oversight of all actions, processes and associates ensures client satisfaction and profitability.
  • Respect for others through Open Communication builds healthy, lasting relationships with your students, your school and the community.

Apelles' Student Retention Program (SRP) is an example of one of the special services Apelles provides to the Higher Education Market. This unique program is designed to establish contact with former students who did not graduate to get them reenrolled in school with a plan for achieving their graduation goals. Benefits for the university:

1) Promotes goodwill and sense of individualized caring from the university offering students a second chance.

2) Increases enrollment for university organically without the additional cost of marketing or advertising.

3) Upgrades the debt owed by turning former students who have left school into graduates, while also establishing open lines of communication and contact information with the students.

4) Statistics show that students who return to school are much less likely to drop again.