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Federal Perkins Loan Program

Dear Colleague,

The revival of the expired Perkins Loan Program in 2015 was one of the greatest legislative accomplishments in the history of our Coalition! The program was saved thanks to the tireless efforts of advocates like yourself and all who fought to preserve this vitally important and proven program. As an administrator, you know that during a time of rising student loan indebtedness, Perkins Loans are critical to students who don't qualify for other financing options, such as private loans, to fulfill their remaining need beyond Stafford Loan limits and Pell Grants.

We have unprecedented support on Capitol Hill as demonstrated through the successful Congressional battle of 2015. COHEAO and Perkins advocates nationwide, together with our champions in Congress, are well positioned to leverage the positive momentum and fight for the long-term continuation of the Perkins Loan Program. However, our current momentum and Congressional support will evaporate if schools are not lending ALL available Perkins funds.

Click here for an important document to assist you in educating colleagues at your institution, including the president and top administrators, about the impact the loss of Perkins funding would have on your students and institution. To assist you in generating campus-wide support, this document, "Ten Reasons Why the Perkins Loan Program is Good for Students and Institutions" is a helpful reminder of why we fought so hard and need to continue to fight for this self-sustaining and valuable program.

COHEAO's voice in these discussions is greatly amplified by your efforts and continued support for the program. Please be sure your institution is lending ALL available Perkins Loan funds! Share this document with your colleagues and top campus executives. Let your voice be heard and help communicate the long-standing, proven and viable future of the Perkins Loan Program.


Maria Livolsi

COHEAO President

Federal Perkins Loan Team Information

The Federal Perkins Loan Team would like to remind schools about a November 13, 2014 Electronic Announcement posted to the Information for Financial Aid Professionals (IFAP) Web site.  In the announcement, we inform schools that complete information about Federal Perkins Loan Portfolio liquidation and assignment is now available in a permanent, centralized location on the Campus-Based Processing Information Page at

The subject line of the announcement is -Federal Perkins Loan Portfolio Liquidation and Assignment Procedures Available on IFAP Web Site- and the URL is


Federal Perkins Loan Team
Grants & Campus-Based Division
Federal Student Aid

Emergency Loan Interest/Set Up Fee

This was a new section in our handbook for 14-15.  We just wanted to confirm the order of  Title IV funds paying a student’s bill.  Please see below what we copied from the 14-15 handbook.  We do not include these fees in the cost of attendance, but I have concerns about it federal aid applying to those fee charges

Finance charges: You may not use Title IV funds to pay finance charges or fees that are incurred because a student utilizes a financing method provided by the school to pay for educational expenses over time. Because students or families choose to incur these additional expenses rather than paying the balance due at registration, the additional charges are not considered educational expenses, and may not be included in a student’s cost of attendance.

Bobby Williams
Stephen F. Austin State University

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